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All Hallow’s Read Giveaway

October 30, 2014    Tags: , , ,   

I’m overdue for a tour recap, but this is just a mini-post to spread the word that over at my main Facebook page ( ) between now and noon on Halloween, you can enter to win one of two signed paperback copies of THE STRANGERS, along with some creepy books of my choice.  Go forth and comment!  Happy All Hallow’s Read!

raven_all_hallows_read_poster_by_blablover5-d7xwiid (Poster via Introverted Wife.)


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  1. I love that image, really sets the mood for Fall/Halloween.

    Comment by Brenda on November 4, 2014 @ 4:30 pm

  2. Agreed!

    Comment by Jacqueline on November 7, 2014 @ 8:59 am

  3. Okay, I was at school today and I heard that you are coming tomorrow!!! By the way, I go to Mosinee Middle School. I also have a question: are you visiting all of the grades, or just up until the 5th graders? It would be awesome if you could come to my grade (I’m in 7th.) I also heard that the reason you are coming is because… you’re having a baby? I just heard it from a friend, so if it’s not true then sorry! If you are having a baby, then congratulations! My friend told me that their teacher told them today… so, yeah! (When my friend told me, I may or may not have had a spazz attack. If I did, it was a small one. Ok, I freaked out! I squealed and screamed and was jumping around and was SUPER DUPER IN A SPAZZ ATTACK. I was like, “OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! If you’re lying I will kill you!!!!!!!!!!”) Woah, wall of text there. Sorry! ^…^

    Comment by Nicole on November 17, 2014 @ 4:33 pm

  4. Hi Nicole! Sorry I didn’t see your message until too late. Yes, I was at Mosinee MS on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I only met with fourth and fifth graders. Sorry I wasn’t scheduled to meet with sixth and seventh grades as well — it would have been great to say hello to some of the students I met in past visits. And you heard right: I am having a baby. Our new person is due in late February, and I think we’re almost as excited as you are! 🙂 Thanks for your good wishes, and I hope you’re having a wonderful year!

    Comment by Jacqueline on November 20, 2014 @ 3:16 pm

  5. Hello again Jacqueline! I’m sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been quite busy with school and after- school activities, such as confrimation and figure skating. Ok, so first thing: congratulations on the baby!!! Just know that my hopes and prayers are going with you! Also, do you know the gender?? Or is it a surprise? Another baby- related thing: my mom is expecting a baby too! She’s due February 2nd, and I will (finally!) have a baby brother! Ok, one more thing: my 13th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks!!!! Then it’ll be one more year until my golden birthday!!! Ok, so that was kind of random… but hey, I’m one of the most random girls that you’ll meet on this world. Ok, one more random thing: a blog idea. So, I think that something cool that you could do would be a baby blog!!! The idea is super random, and I REALLY hope that you don’t feel forced to do it. Anyway, one more thing… I might be writing a fan letter to you, but I’m debating if I should… also, how many letters/ collages/ drawings/ other thing do you get per week? Ok, one last thing: do you have kik messager? If you do, can I have your User name? Ok, you don’t habve to answer any of the questions that I asked. You don’t even have to reply. Although when I saw that you had replied, I was like, “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE ACTUALLY REPLIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I was SOOOOOO happy that you had replied. Anyway, I will make sure to pray for the safety of you and your child in the months to come. (I doubt that I will forget. I OBVIOUSLY won’t forget!)


    Comment by Nicole on November 30, 2014 @ 10:15 pm

  6. Also, I hope that you’re having a great year too! Again, sorry for the late reply. I am very busy and I haven’t been able to check your blog often. Sorry!

    Comment by Nicole on November 30, 2014 @ 10:23 pm

  7. Thanks for all the good wishes! We’ve decided not to find out the gender (we both thought it would be fun to be surprised instead, and to get to know our new person all at once when he/she arrives), but I’m sure there will be posts and pictures about the baby on this blog in the not-too-distant future. And congratulations on your soon-to-arrive baby brother!

    As for how much mail I get: it’s hard to keep track. I get messages on Facebook, Goodreads, Tumblr, Instagram, my blog, and email, and then there’s the actual paper mail that arrives in my post office box (I’ve got a stack of letters on my desk right now, all waiting for me to reply…). Some weeks there are dozens of notes, and other weeks are quieter, but I never get tired of hearing from readers. 🙂 Kik messenger is one of the things I DON’T use, I’m afraid! But if you’d like to get in touch with me in any of these other ways, feel free.

    And happy early birthday!

    Comment by Jacqueline on December 3, 2014 @ 3:40 pm

  8. Hi Jacqueline! I think that you’re going to be an amazing mom, but that’s just my opinion. Also, thank you (for the happy birthday!)!!!!!!!!!!! I will have a VERY happy birthday. Some of my friends are going to sleep over. I really want the Divergent series (I just finished the first book 5 minutes ago. Awesome book. If you like The Hunger Games, you will probably like Divergent.), The Fault In Our Stars, and (obviously) the (amazingly written and thought out) Books of Elsewhere series. By you, of course (who else would write them?). I was wondering, if I do get the Books of Elsewhere, even if I get just one, if I could send it in the mail and get it signed by you (and maybe a little letter)??? My address would be on the letter/package/whatever else it might be in, so you could send it back. And maybe send a letter with it. But keep the one I might send to you. Also, just so you know, I love your books. I remember back in 5th grade, my parents fought a lot. They would yell at each other and they were very angry. I would creep into my bedroom and lose myself in your books. They helped me through the tough times and I’m mad at myself for not getting any of your books yet. But I did just get a Barnes & Noble gift card, so I (will most likely) beg my mom to drive me to Wausau and go to Barnes & Noble and then I can pick up The Shadows. And then I’ll beg my mom to let me send my book to you to get it signed. (I only do polite begging. I normally say, “Please, mom? Pleeeeaaaaaasssseeeeee?” And do that over and over again until she gives an answer. Which is normally, “Ok, ok. Let’s go.”) Sorry for the walls of text. And any typos. Also, guess how old I’m turning???

    ~Nicole 😉

    Comment by Nicole on December 3, 2014 @ 4:33 pm

  9. I’m guessing you’re turning 13… Am I right?

    And I’m so glad that my books kept you company during tough times. Books have always done that for me too.

    You can absolutely mail me your copy of any of my books — Jacqueline West, P.O. Box 204, Red Wing, MN 55066 — and I will sign and send it back.

    (I hope it was a fabulous birthday sleepover!)

    Comment by Jacqueline on December 10, 2014 @ 11:20 am

  10. Ugh, I’m so sad now. Apparently my cat died. Right before I had to leave for my choir concert. That is, in my opinion, one of the worst things that could happen. I actually had a GOOD day at school, and I come home, do homework, eat supper, get ready for my choir concert, and my cat dies. Seriously, it’s horrible!!! I miss Bill so much!!! I remember when I was little he would come up on me and lay on my stomach and purrrrrrr purrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrr. Just like a jet engine. I loved Bill so much!!! Why did he have to leave?!?! I’m sorry, but this is the first death of a pet that I’ve been through. I loved my cat and I still love him, even though he’s dead. I just miss him a LOT. My home will feel empty without him. Now it will just be me, my mom, my dad, my other (and now only) cat Darma, and (in February) my baby brother. I don’t know how to cope with a pet’s death, and this is hard for me. Sorry for the rant, I don’t even know why I put it here. Oh well, it helps me to talk about it. I hope that you understand.


    Comment by Nicole on December 9, 2014 @ 9:01 pm

  11. Oh, Nicole, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I completely understand the need to talk or write about it, and I hope that your family and friends are helping to comfort you. As any animal-lover knows, losing a pet can feel like losing a member of your family, and I’m sure there will be an empty place in your home and your life for a while. I’ve dealt with that empty place with every dog I’ve had to say goodbye to.

    A few years ago, when our elderly border collie died, I read something that really helped me: that we can pay tribute to the pet we’ve lost by giving that empty place to someone else — another animal or person — who needs us.

    I’m glad that your cat had you, and that you had him, for as much time as you got together. Pets are an incredibly special thing, aren’t they? I don’t think I’d want to live in this world if there weren’t animals to share it with us. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Comment by Jacqueline on December 10, 2014 @ 11:15 am

  12. Awwwwwwwwwwww, thanks Jacqueline. You are very nice! I miss my cat… normally he would sit on my lap while I was on your blog… now my lap is empty. :'( Also, you’re right! I’m turning 13 this Sunday!!! And my dad’s birthday is tomorrow! And I have figure skating tomorrow! But I might miss skate because my parents and I might be going out to dinner… I dunno. Anyhoo, I hope that you’re having a good week so far! Also, my baby bro is coming in 8 more weeks!!! Asjfkeefjfnddjfkdksjdjfkewjfkowsjfn!!!!! (Random typing) I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!


    Comment by Nicole on December 10, 2014 @ 3:59 pm

  13. Yay!!! I got the first 3 Books of Elsewhere!!! They’re also hardcover, which is REALLY nice. Now I just need to ask my mom if I can get the books signed… anyway, I had an awesome birthday! My mom, grandparents, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, and baby cousin went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch… yum. All in all, I had an awesome birthday and weekend. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Comment by Nicole on December 14, 2014 @ 8:08 pm

  14. Wow… Christmas isn’t too far away. I remember wishing that it was Christmas already, and now it’s almost here. I had an amazing birthday… sure, I guess that it was a little low-key, but it was fun. Today at school, I got a cute necklace and matching ring from my best friend, and the necklace and ring were from Aéropostale, which my friend knows that it’s my favorite brand, and I told her thank you about a million times today. She also got a similar necklace because she couldn’t find any matching necklaces, and I love the fact that we have special necklaces. Also, (ok, just a forewarning, this will sound like your typical 7th grader who has a huge crush and is too shy to ever be able to even say hi to him without dying from shyness, and always daydreams about him asking her out (seriously! That’s me around him!!!!!)) So anyhoo, he came up to me today and said, “Hey Nicole. I like your necklace. I think it looks cute on you.” And he walked away. My BFF was sitting next to me and I asked her “Am I dreaming or did he just say hey to me???” Then she smiled and said, “Trust me, you’re not dreaming.” And then we both glanced at him and he looked up and smirked at me. I blushed (I swear I turned as red as a tomato!!!) And then the bell rang. (By the way this was at recess.) I just have always doubted that he would ever notice me… he’s one of the popular/slightly nerdy boys (but more on the popular side) and I’m a kind of popular girl. I’m not really too popular, but anyway, I just thought that it was so random that he said that to me! I don’t know if he likes me or not… thoughts? Anyhoo, I hope that you and your family have a merry Christmas!!! Also, just an idea, a Christmas blog!!! (I think it would be kind of cool! :P)

    ~Nicole (Who is now (finally) 13!!!) 🙂

    Comment by Nicole on December 15, 2014 @ 8:05 pm

  15. Merry Christmas Jacqueline!!!

    I had a fun Christmas. I got the bike that I really wanted, and got the last 2 Books of Elsewhere! Now I have the whole series! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you had a happy and fun Christmas!!!

    Now it’s only 4-5 more weeks until my baby brother gets here!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry for all of the exclamation points, I’m just really happy right now.)

    Ok, the reason I’m happy: we (as in my parents and I) might be getting a kitten soon!!! I want a girl kitten that’s a light gray tabby with blue eyes and a white muzzle, throat, chest, and belly. One of my neighbors’ cats is having kittens soon, so I think we’re going to look into getting a kitten from them. I love kittens so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyhoo, *starts singing* We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year! Seriously though. Merry Christmas Jacqueline. And happy new year.

    ~Nicole 🙂

    Comment by Nicole on December 25, 2014 @ 6:18 pm

  16. Happy birthday Jacqueline!!!! 🙂 😉

    Comment by Nicole on December 29, 2014 @ 10:11 am

  17. Thanks for all of the Christmas and birthday wishes, Nicole! I’m glad to hear that your holidays were happy, and it’s fun to get an update on everything going on in your life: kittens, necklaces, new babies, compliments from interesting boys… I hope your 2015 is full of even more wonderful adventures!
    – Jacqueline

    Comment by Jacqueline on December 29, 2014 @ 1:45 pm

  18. Awww, thank you Jacqueline! And when I read the “compliments from interesting boys”, I laughed SO hard. I scared my cat… sorry Darma. Anyhoo, thank you!!! Also, happy birthday (again!) I want to give you a birthday hug… but I can’t… so, VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY HUG!!!!!!! (>”)> <("<) *hugs* Sorry if that seems weird… does it seem weird? Also, I just finished Still Life… all I gotta say is: THE FEELS. And also, in my opinion, Still Life is your best book yet. So smart how it
    all played out… I literally almost started crying when I read a specific part. (I don't want to give anything away for anybody who hasn't read Still Life yet.) Anyhoo, I hope that you have had a happy birthday so far!!! Now I'm going to attempt to make a smiley face wearing a birthday hat (and fail epically): <:-) Anyhoo, happy birthday!!! And happy new year!!!

    ~Nicole 🙂

    Comment by Nicole on December 29, 2014 @ 3:31 pm

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