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Links in a New Chain

September 30, 2011    Tags: ,   

Hello, hello, hello.

I am typing this on my spanking new WordPress blog, which feels a bit like driving a new car, where all the buttons are in slightly different places and you turn on the windshield wipers when you’re trying to set the cruise control, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.  Eventually.  I’m trying the automatic cross-posting to LiveJournal function, so we’ll see how that works, too.   If, for whatever reason, you want to find older journal entries, they should still be readable at

I’m currently drafting one project, revising another, and working on a few short stories with the shards of time in between.  My brain has essentially been divided into three warring pieces, and I’m having trouble finishing nonfictional sentences.  That’s my excuse for making this a very linky post.

First, and very belatedly, a writing-and-cooking focused interview is up at the incredibly fun blog Pots ‘n Pens:  If anyone who reads it actually uses my recipe for black pepper tofu, I will be very happy — and so will the person with a fresh batch of black pepper tofu.

Strange Horizons, one of the best science fiction journals currently in operation, is holding its yearly fund drive. Donors are entered into a prize drawing that features a slew of amazing work.  Check out the prizes available: (As you may notice, one donor will win a signed copy of The Books of Elsewhere, Volume One: The Shadows…)

And some new reviews of Spellbound are out:  Dave Wood’s Book Report, a feature of the RiverTown Newspaper group, discusses the book here, and Arlington Public Library covers both volumes (and calls Volume Two ‘even better than the first’ — Hurray!) here.




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