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The Collectors by Jacqueline West

The Collectors

Coming 10.9.2018. Preorder now!

Look closely. Do you see that marble in the grass? The tiny astronaut with one arm raised? The old-fashioned key in the gutter? Van sees them. Van notices all sorts of things. But usually no one notices Van. He’s small, and always the new kid, easy to overlook. But one day he watches a mysterious girl and a silver squirrel dive into a fountain to steal a coin. And - even more strange - they notice Van. Suddenly, the world changes for Van. It becomes a place where wishes are real. A place where wishes can be collected, just like his little treasures. A place where wishes can come true.

But that’s not always a good thing. Not all wishes are good, you see, and even good wishes can have unintended consequences. And Van is about to find out just how big those consequences can be.

"A brilliant fantasy adventures exploring the consequences of getting what you wish for."

Digging Up Danger by Jacqueline West

Digging Up Danger

Coming January 2019. Preorder now!

Eliza isn’t thrilled about spending the summer helping her mom research plants―she’d much rather go ghost hunting instead. But when a rare and exotic plant from the store goes missing without explanation, she finds herself mixed up in a sinister plot involving forces that seem beyond human understanding. Could it be that there’s a ghost in Carroll’s Gardens?

Like Stuck in the Stone Age, the first in the Story Pirates Present series, this spine-tingling mystery doubles as an introduction to the basics of creative writing. With the help of Story Pirate Captain Vincent Rolo and the Mystery Creation Zone, kids can use this kid-generated story as inspiration to create their OWN great mysteries!

The Books of Elsewhere

New York Times Best Seller
The Books of Elsewhere

Danger and mystery are around every corner as Olive encounters evil magic, talking cats, and a small boy trapped inside a painted world.

Dreamers Often Lie

Dreamers Often Lie

After a head injury, a high school actress is haunted by visions of William Shakespeare and his characters. But when one of those visions turns out to be real, she has to choose between lying to everyone else and lying to herself.

"Both moving and humorous... Shakespeare's characters really shine as they come to life in the twenty-first century."

- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books


Starry Eyed


This collection of fictional short stories highlight the struggles, hopes, failures, and triumphs of young aspiring singers, dancers, actors, actresses, and performers.

Been There Done That

Been There, Done That

School is in session as celebrated authors share their real-life academic experiences and turn them into fiction!

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